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Some advice for young single people

Are you a single person who is struggling to get married? I read this article and thought it could offer some help to some single people who are hoping to somehow be married as soon as they can so

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A Narrative of Easter Saturday Evening Unit 2 Fellowship: Reflecting on the Messages by Dr. Clark Armstrong and Dr. Dan Behr.

Every Saturday evening between 7:00PM – 8:00PM, we would meet in the living room of one of the families in our apartment for devotion and prayer. It is now almost two years since we started this fellowship. But last night

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The Clash of Cultures Within a Developing PNG Mind

Papua New Guinea is changing very fast and the effects of it is felt in many developing areas in the country. Every Papua New Guinean understand how it feels to be caught in a culture clash. Yet wet often do

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Are you doing something?

There are some people who go through life complaining about their situations without doing anything. They shift the blame over to the government, religious organization, company or to someone else. Others realize their problem and look for ways to do

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The Responsibility of Fatherhood

In this world, fathers play an important role in shaping the destiny of their families. The absence of responsible fathers means the presence of a society in shambles. To read more click this link

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The Power of an Inner Circle Relationship

This week I was given an opportunity to speak in one of our churches in Taytay, Manila in the Philippines. I used that opportunity to share some thoughts about the importance of Relationship. Relationship is a very broad theme and

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Setting Your Priorities

“A Jack of all trade can be a master of none” Priorities help a person stay in focus. Without clear priorities in life we can get lost spending time, energy and resources on other unimportant things that do not help

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Transforming Views

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