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How my participation in worship deteriorated by relying on technology

Few years ago, I was fascinated in learning about how technology can assist to improve one’s worship experience. And in fact it did and is doing. Thank God for technology! However, after some years now I look back and realize there

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What Makes You Want to Serve in Your Local Church?

  Serving in Church programs has become a part of many Christians who find joy and satisfaction in doing it. It can help a person grow in his/her skills and abilities to do what they are doing, and it can

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Experience is a Good Teacher!

Maturity comes with Experience. Kyle McMillan, in one of his articles, lists 6 signs that shows that you are maturing and not just aging. Click this link to see the six signs:

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6 Ignorant statements Christians Use to Comfort a Hurting Person

A glimpse of the Book of Job reminds me of the comfort and encouragements given by his three closest friends. They were probably honest and sincere. But why was Job not comforted by their words? There may be several reasons

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Some advice for young single people

Are you a single person who is struggling to get married? I read this article and thought it could offer some help to some single people who are hoping to somehow be married as soon as they can so

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20 Things PNG Christians Should Avoid When Fighting Political Corruption [#1-5]

  Many claim that PNG is a Christian country, but I wonder what we are referring to. Is it the constitution, the religion or the people who make PNG a Christian nation? I wonder if we are what we claim

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Unrealistic View of Christians on Non-Christians

I feel like I need to get something off my chest. It bothers me that Christians continually express shock, disapproval and judgment at the way non-Christians live. You’ve seen it, and maybe even done it: Doesn’t anyone believe in marriage

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