PNG has a lot to offer to the world

The biblical expression by Jesus, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first,” is widely used in many contexts. Probably one such example is the rise and fall of many nations around the world.

It is true that many countries in the world are not in the top 20 – 50 list of what people categorize as developed countries.

A lot of people in countries that are considered as “developing countries” have a general perception that only the developed countries can offer them help. In fact it is true in terms of education, health, technology and other areas.

But the good thing about many young developing nations is that most of their natural resources have not been used. therefore, developed countries are now turning to developing countries to get something that they no longer have. Such is the case with Papua New Guinea (PNG).

PNG is so rich in minerals and other resources. One of it is the virgin forest found in many remote jungles spread across the nation.

PNG now has a chance to turn one of it’s biggest natural resources into money without doing any damage to the environment.

Sam Knight writes about his discovery of what may become a huge economic boost for the most remote, neglected and undeveloped parts of PNG. Click the link below to read more:


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